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“Healthy” Foods You Should Stay Away From


I bet you’re wondering how some of the foods that are considered healthy can be bad for you. Well, it’s true that some “healthy” foods may not be good for your health. The list of healthy foods you should avoid is not as long as the list of what to eat. Keep reading below to find out more about the top healthy foods that may not be as beneficial as everyone thinks!

Diet Soda

Diet soda may be a good alternative for those who are dieting. However, research says that just one can a day of this drink increase the risk of obesity by as much as 33 percent. The reason why diet soda is bad for you is that it tricks your brain into thinking you’re consuming calories, even though there aren’t any. When you drink diet soda, your brain thinks the body has received the calories it needs. As a result, your brain will tell your body to stop metabolizing calories so your metabolism slows down. As an alternative to diet soda, switch to water if you must have something other than water with every meal.

Veggie Burgers

Many vegetarians tend to eat veggie burgers. These may be a good source of protein, but they also can contain a lot of saturated fat. Vegetarians need twice the amount of protein as the average person, and this high intake of protein may elevate the risk of cancer. Limit your consumption of veggie burgers and stick to other vegetarian foods that don’t have as much saturated fat. Veggie burgers are better health-wise than most meats, but there are still other options that may be healthier overall.

Energy Bars

Many people think that energy bars are good for you because they’re made from healthy ingredients. However, the calories from these bars can add up quickly because most of them have a lot of sugar and fat inside them. In fact, many commercial energy bars contain as much sugar as two chocolate chip cookies! The best alternative to an energy bar is a piece of fruit. If you absolutely must have an energy bar, try to choose one with less than 200 calories and 5 grams of sugar or less per serving.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice may be healthy because it contains vitamins and minerals, but the antioxidants found in fruit juice are destroyed when you heat them. For example, 100 percent orange juice that’s pasteurized will lose all of its beneficial antioxidant properties. According to experts, fruit juices contain lots of sugar so they might not be as healthy for you as initially thought. If you want to get the most antioxidants possible, choose whole fruits instead of fruit juice.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are high in your body’s preferred type of fuel: carbohydrates. However, sports drinks also add a lot of simple sugars and other ingredients that aren’t good for you. Many people drink these drinks because they’re an easy way to replenish electrolytes. However, there are many natural ways to get the extra electrolytes you need without having sports drinks. If you do choose to drink this type of beverage, try to make sure the ingredients are natural and not filled with chemicals or sugar. Water is a great option when it comes to rehydrating.


You might have read an article on the Internet saying that eating sushi is good for you because it’s lean meat. However, this isn’t true! Sushi that contains raw fish may contain parasites and bacteria that won’t get destroyed when it’s cooked. In fact, some people get food poisoning from undercooked tuna in sushi. As long as you cook the fish and rice before eating it, you’ll be fine. Sushi isn’t the best source of protein because it’s high in mercury. If you want to eat fish, make sure it’s cooked first! Green tea is a much healthier option for getting your daily dose of antioxidants.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a healthy snack and contains some of the ingredients you need to stay full for longer. But there’s a catch: most trail mixes contain chocolate chips and candy! As an alternative, choose nuts and seeds as your favorite snacks instead of trail mix. You’ll get protein, fiber, carbs, and fat from these ingredients as opposed to just carbs and sugar from candy. Trail mix is definitely a much better option for you than candy bars but if you can, choose healthier treats.

Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is a quick and easy way to get breakfast in the morning. But be careful when you choose what kind of instant oatmeal you’re going to eat. Many varieties contain sugar, which isn’t good for your body at all. If you must have sugar, try flavored instant oatmeal that doesn’t have added sugar in it instead of plain oatmeal. If you don’t have the time to make oatmeal, try other healthy breakfast options instead.

Sugary Yogurt

You might think that yogurt is healthy because it’s a dairy product, but this isn’t always true. The high level of sugar in many yogurts makes it unhealthy for you. When choosing the right yogurt, make sure the ingredients list contains natural sugars and not added ones. If you can’t find plain yogurt with no added sugar, try non-fat flavored yogurt to get rid of the sugar in your diet.


As you can see, many healthy foods that seem good for your body have ingredients that aren’t so good. Always read the nutrition facts on food to learn more about what’s inside it before you eat it. It will empower you to make better choices in the future! Also, many people like to eat foods that are low in calories instead of nutrient-dense ones. If you need to lose excess weight, try choosing these kinds of things less often.