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Top Foods To Improve Eye Health


Our eyes are one of the most important organs in our body, and it’s easy to take them for granted. But what happens when we don’t take care of our eyes? We can end up with a variety of different vision problems, which could lead to blindness if not treated promptly. Luckily there are some foods that can help us avoid these issues! In this article, you’ll find some tasty foods that improve eye health.

Olive Oil

Did you know that consuming olive oil on a regular basis could actually improve your eyesight? That’s because it contains antioxidants which promote healing in the body, as well as vitamin E which improves cell function and strength. In addition, the healthy fats found in olive oil have been linked to less degeneration over time. Next time you’re cooking up some meals add some extra virgin olive oil into your dishes – it won’t hurt!


Fish is a great food for your eye health – and it’s also delicious! Fatty fish in particular are high in omega-three fatty acids which have been linked to better vision over time. The best choices include salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, and tuna.


Seeds have a variety of health benefits, and they’re also easy to incorporate into your diet. The best choices include sunflower, pumpkin, flaxseed, and chia seed. These seeds are full of essential oils that make them great for improving eye health – so don’t forget to sprinkle some on your morning cereal or add them as toppings onto other dishes!


Did you know that berries can help keep our eyes healthy? Studies show that consuming these nutrient-dense fruits regularly results in better vision over time. Some even believe it’s the antioxidants found in berries that contribute towards this benefit – but either way; if you want good sight then load up on blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, and strawberries whenever you can!


Who doesn’t love a nice juicy tomato? These bright red fruits are certainly eye-catching, and they’re also packed with nutrients that benefit eyesight. The best choices include cherry tomatoes (great for snacking on), as well as regular-sized tomatoes which you could add to salads or other dishes. Be sure to look out for organic varieties if possible too – since these will be less likely to have pesticides inside them which could harm your vision over time.

Nuts And Legumes

Nuts and legumes are packed with nutrients that can contribute towards better eye health. Some of these include vitamin E, magnesium and zinc – so eating foods like almonds, walnuts or even peanuts could be a great way to keep your vision as sharp as possible!

Fruit And Vegetable Smoothies

We’ve already discussed how berries can help improve our eyesight – but did you know that other fruits and vegetables can do this too? Adding some spinach into your smoothie is a healthy choice for example; since it contains carotenoids (which protect the body from free radicals) while promoting good digestion. Carrots are also high in beta-carotene which keeps sugar levels stable. This will result in improved focus over time instead of blurred vision or worse!


If you want healthy eyes then it’s important that your body has enough vitamin C – otherwise known as an antioxidant. Garlic contains this nutrient (and many others) including beta-carotene, selenium, and manganese; making it a great addition to any meal plan. Try garlic powder on your pizza or pasta to get a healthy dose of vitamin C into your system!


Eggs are a great food for those who want to keep their eyes healthy – and also delicious! The whites contain lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin D which all help the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients (which improve vision). Eggs also have omega-three fatty acids too; just be sure that you avoid egg yolks if possible. Eating these will increase your cholesterol in particular (and they can lead to an increased risk of macular degeneration) so skip them where you can!

Sweet Potatoes

Did you know that sweet potato have the ability to boost your eye health? These orange vegetables are packed with vitamin A, which is a nutrient essential for good eyesight. This means eating them regularly will lead to improved vision over time – so why not cook up some sweet potato wedges or even bake and add in some cinnamon!

Leafy Green Vegetables


Leafy green vegetables are also high in lutein and zeaxanthin – making them a great choice if you want to add more nutrients into your diet. They’re rich in vitamin A while offering folate, magnesium, and potassium as well; which means you’ll be protecting yourself against age-related macular degeneration with these foods too. Try adding spinach or kale to soups!


You may know that shrimp is a good source of vitamin B12 (which contributes towards improved eye health), but did you know they can even help protect our eyesight from free radicals? These small crustaceans contain astaxanthin; an antioxidant that gives the red color to their flesh. This nutrient can help protect the eyes from oxidative stress and even prevent cataracts from developing.

Coffee & Dark Chocolate

We’ve already mentioned that antioxidants are essential for eye health – but did you know that coffee actually has them? These include chlorogenic acid, lutein, quercetin, and bioflavonoids which contribute towards good vision. The darker the chocolate (and cocoa) is in general; the more antioxidant content it will have so this could be an alternative to your morning cup of joe! It’s also rich in magnesium too while being low in sugar, making it another healthy choice overall.


It might seem like a boring choice for food – but water can actually be one of the best choices if you want to improve your eye health. This is because it keeps everything in our body running smoothly; including organs related to better vision such as the kidneys, liver, and even brain. Try drinking around eight glasses of water every day and avoid caffeine too (since this dehydrates us) while keeping alcohol consumption low overall.


No matter what age you are, it’s important to take good care of your eyesight. This means eating a variety of foods that will keep your vision sharp and protect against any eye health issues in the future – while also keeping everything else in your body healthy too! Try these top 15 foods for better eyesight and making sure to drink plenty of water each day!