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How To Avoid Weight Gain During Holidays


The holidays are a time for celebration, going all out to make sure you enjoy yourself. You might go overboard on the food and drinks, or maybe you’ll indulge in some treats that aren’t so good for your health. Regardless of what it is that tempts you during this season, there’s no need to let it ruin your body by piling on the weight! In this article we’re going to explore how making a few small changes can help keep those holiday pounds at bay.

Make Healthy Swaps

One of the easiest ways to avoid packing on the pounds is by making healthy swaps for some of your favorite unhealthy foods. If you’re a fan of sugary drinks, swap out soda for sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea. If you love snacking on potato chips, try some roasted chickpeas or air-popped popcorn instead. There are tons of healthier alternatives to your favorite unhealthy foods, so take advantage of them and you’ll be well on your way to avoiding weight gain.

Watch Your Portions

Another key to avoiding holiday weight gain is to watch your portion sizes. When you’re indulging in a festive feast, it’s easy to overdo it and consume way more calories than you need. Try to pace yourself and only have a small portion of each dish. If you’re still hungry after finishing your first plate, go for a second but make sure it’s a smaller one this time. You’ll be glad you did when you don’t wake up the next day with a bloated stomach and extra pounds!

Fill Up On Healthy Foods

Be sure to make time for healthy foods during the holidays as well, not just the unhealthy ones. Studies have shown that people tend to eat more when they’re stressed or anxious. Which makes sense given that many people feel these emotions during the holidays. To avoid eating too much, fill up on healthy dishes full of protein and veggies. So your stomach feels full but you don’t have room left over for anything lacking in nutrition.

Get Active

If all else fails, one of the best ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays is to get active. A little bit of exercise can go a long way when it comes to preventing weight gain. Take a brisk walk after dinner, dance around your living room to your favorite holiday tunes, or go for a light jog. Anything that gets you moving is beneficial. So try to fit in as much activity as you can during the holidays.

Get Enough Rest

Another important tip, don’t forget to get enough rest! It’s easy to overdo it during the holidays and sacrifice sleep in favor of extra time spent celebrating. However, lack of sleep can actually lead to weight gain. When you’re tired, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. Which can lead to cravings for unhealthy foods. So be sure to get plenty of shut-eye during the holiday season and you’ll be less likely to indulge in unhealthy snacks.

Keep It Off With A Friend

One of the best ways to keep holiday weight gain under control is by having a friend who’s going through the same thing. When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be hard and disheartening when you see everyone around you indulging in treats that they don’t need. If you have a friend who’s also watching their figure and sticking with healthy alternatives during the holidays, your willpower will be boosted as well! You’ll want to match each other bite for bite so neither of you gains extra weight this season.

Set A Limit

It’s important to set a limit and stick to it. Try setting aside a certain amount of money for your holiday spending and spend no more than that! Or only spend an hour or two putting up decorations instead of letting it take over your whole weekend. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t overdo it with the festivities during the holidays. If you set a limit and stick to it, there will be nothing to worry about weight gain-wise this season!

Keep Track Of Your Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight during the holidays, it’s important that you keep track of your progress. Make sure you weigh yourself regularly and take note of how much you’ve lost or gained each time so you know how well your diet is going. It can be discouraging to see the scale go up even a little bit. However, keeping track of your weight will help motivate you to stay on track. So you don’t gain any extra pounds this holiday season.

Stick To Your Diet Even When You Celebrate

Finally, one last tip is to stick to your diet even when celebrating with other people at parties and get-togethers. People might pressure you into indulging in holiday treats or plying yourself with drinks, but it’s important that you stick to your goals. If someone brings over a tray of cookies, politely decline and say that you’re trying to lose weight this season. You might feel embarrassed at first, but you’ll be glad later on if they respect your decision.


The holidays are a time of celebration and indulgence, but that doesn’t mean you have to gain weight this season! Remember these tips the next time you’re tempted by delicious holiday treats or nibbling on your co-worker’s leftover holiday treats. Soon enough you’ll be back in your skinny jeans and fitting into pants sizes smaller than before. Happy holidays!