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5 Exercises You Can Do At Home With A Chair


The only reason to not train is that you don’t want to. You need very little, even just a chair, in order to stay fit and work your muscles without ever leaving the house! Try these exercise routines with a chair because it will be as effective at burning calories and building muscle mass as any other session would be if performed in the gym.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment for your home gym. Objects in the house can work just as well, so think creatively! A stack of books or a one-pound bag of rice could act as dumbbells and 2 stairs will be perfect for step training- no need to drill holes into any walls because you’re limited by space. Or if you want something more versatile that’s good at building all-around strength? Put some weight plates under a chair and do exercises like squats with it while watching TV! Take a look at these exercises to do with a chair and you will see that there are no excuses to skip training.

The Best Exercises To Train At Home With A Chair

Working your legs, buttocks, abdomen or arms is easier than you think with the help of a chair. There are many practical exercises to be done at home that require no equipment such as those we propose below.


Sit on the edge of your chair, straightening your arms. Then walk forward until you’re hovering over the seat and lowering into a dip position with firm grips around its backrest for stability. If you can’t balance well while dipping, try using two chairs that are close together to help keep yourself steady as you lower down towards them from an elevated height before returning to resting in between dips. You’ll see much faster results if this is done daily or even twice per day!

 Knee Raise

Sit in the chair with your back straight and contract your abdomen. Raise one knee up to chest level, hold for a few seconds and then repeat on the opposite leg or both at the same time. Rest briefly before repeating again 8-10 times or until you feel satisfied that it has been completed correctly and then try both legs at the same time.

Waist and oblique’s

Sit on a chair with your butt halfway up the seat, extend your arms and bend forward until you touch the tip of one foot to its opposite hand. You will find that as you move outwards from yourself more precisely into this pose (which is called Downward-Facing Dog), it becomes harder because not only are there many muscles in play: waist rotation, oblique abs — but also endurance and balance become increasingly important.

Leg back

The chair’s seat is the perfect spot to use for doing exercises that target your legs and buttocks. To do this, stand in front of the chair while holding onto it with both hands. Raise one leg back first, hold for a few seconds then lower yourself down again before repeating on another side 8-10 times each time you repeat an exercise like this!


You can also do an aerobic exercise like this at home with a chair. Make sure the chair is well supported to avoid any accidents. Stand in front of the chair and begin stepping, raising first one leg then other gradually trying different heights as you go up and down using your natural rhythm for how high or low you want it depending on your level of training – beginners might start by only going halfway while advanced dancers can get really creative about what they’re doing!


In this article, we have discussed some exercises that can be done at home with a chair. These exercises are very easy to do and don’t require any equipment which is perfect for those who live in small spaces or want the convenience of working out from anywhere! We hope you enjoyed these exercises and they will come in handy when it comes time to work on your fitness goals.